Better regulation

Better Regulation

The concept of ‘Better Business’ belongs to the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO).  Better Business strives for a regulatory environment in which businesses have the confidence to invest and grow and where citizens and communities are properly protected.  This is done by seeking consistency in regulatory delivery, improving the professionalism of front-line regulators, and by giving businesses a say in the way they are regulated.

Giving a say to businesses about the way in which they are regulated is an important aspect of Better Regulation and is one of the requirements of the Regulators Code.  National consultation will be undertaken by CFOA in consultation with the Business Engagement Forum when developing products for national consumption.  Further consultation must be undertaken locally and Fire and Rescue Authorities can do this by engaging with local businesses (who want to talk), listening to their comments and concerns and by making appropriate changes in response, where necessary.  The links for England and Wales below connect to further information from BRDO and CFOA; products to help Authorities to engage with Better Regulation and the duties imposed on them by the Regulators Code.



England and Wales

The Regulators Code is a statutory Code of Practice for regulators (including Fire and Rescue Authorities).  The Code is a flexible, principles-based framework; intended to support growth in ‘compliant businesses’ through open and constructive dialogue between regulators and those they regulate.

The Code governs the way in which regulators carry out their enforcement activities.  It also sets out for businesses (or those being regulated) the service they can expect to receive from regulators.  The principles of good regulation are:

  1. Regulatory activities should be carried out in a transparent, accountable, proportionate and consistent manner; and
  2. Regulatory activities should target only cases in which action is needed (i.e. where people are at risk of harm in case of fire)

‘Regulatory activities’ means the whole range of regulatory options and interventions.  It is fundamental to the Code that businesses can contact regulators to discuss issues, and do so without fear of enforcement action.  In addition to supporting compliant, well intentioned business, the Code also supports proportionality and fully expects robust enforcement when safety in case of fire is threatened.

The Chief Fire Officers Association supports a culture of business involvement, engagement, and helpful communication.  Guidance on how fire authorities can adhere to the principles of the Code is provided in the links below.

Further information on Better Regulation (England and Wales) from BRDO (link to information below)

Northern Ireland

For the most part Northern Ireland follow the principles of better regulation and take regard of Primary Authority partnerships that are formed.  The information given above can be taken in principle to applicable to the approach taken in Northern Ireland.

Model documents to comply with the Regulators’ Code

The documents below are templates to be used by Fire and Rescue Services to assist in compliance to the Regulators' Code.