Health case study


Mrs Chase a 70 year old lady recently diagnosed with dementia who lives alone in an urban area.  Most of her immediate family are now living or working away.  As part of her dementia care plan, her GP referred her to her local FRS for a Safe and Well visit. 

What issues may be identified and offered as part of the Safe and Well visit and what additional training may be required for fire fighters?


The FRS arranged to visit Mrs Chase at home, she was initially anxious and tearful at the start of the visit.  During the Safe and Well visit, firefighters were able to spend some time with her and work through some practical measures which might help her in her day to day activities.

Firefighters assessed her home environment and it was subsequently fitted with smoke alarms, all areas of fire safety discussed, including the importance of not overloading plug sockets, the importance of not leaving cooking unattended and safe use of other electrical appliances.  Additionally during the visit areas which could cause slips trips and falls such as loose mats and carpets were made safe, and information fed back to the referring GP for a falls team assessment.   

Mrs Chase was referred to partners for assistive technology solutions to be installed including a community alarm system (telecare) as part of her dementia care plan.   

What training is available to allow staff to become aware of these health issues?

Training available

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