Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The Chief Fire Officers Association is committed to promoting the Fire and Rescue Service Core Values of:

Service to the Community - We value service to the community by:

  • Working with all groups to reduce risk
  • Treating everyone fairly and with respect
  • Being answerable to those we serve
  • Striving for excellence in all we do

Employees - We value all our employees and each other by practising and promoting:

  • Fairness and respect
  • Recognition of merit
  • Honesty, integrity and mutual trust
  • Personal development
  • Co-operation and inclusive working

Diversity - We value diversity in the Service and the community by:

  • Treating everyone fairly and with respect
  • Providing varying solutions for different needs and expectations
  • Promoting equal opportunities in employment and progression within
    the Service
  • Challenging prejudice and discrimination

Improvement - We value improvement at all levels of the service by:

  • Accepting responsibility for our performance
  • Being open-minded
  • Considering criticism thoughtfully
  • Consulting others

In order to do that our officials, staff, paid-consultants and members are expected to conduct themselves in a way which not only aligns to these Values but actually promotes their adoption throughout the Fire and Rescue Service.

As such, staff, officials, paid-consultants and members are expected to:

  1. Treat each other with fairness and respect
  2. Act with integrity and honesty
  3. Challenge prejudice and discrimination
  4. Act with responsibility and also respect any agreed limits of confidentiality
  5. Commit to personal development

Officials and staff have a duty when undertaking work for the Association to conduct themselves in a way which would not undermine these values and in so doing, damage the Association’s reputation and image.

Any individual who breaks this code may be subject to action under the Association’s
Discipline and Complaints procedure.

Disclosure of Information

Much of the information held by the Association is for the benefit of its members and as such, they are at liberty to access and freely use that information. However, any personal information must be respected as being completely confidential and all members, staff and officials have a duty not to divulge any such personal information to others without first seeking permission from the individual.