Event Presentations

Road Safety Group Webinar - 9th November 2020

A Video of the webinar and videos played during the event (as well as 2 additional videos) can be found on the gotowebinar website. Link has been sent to attendees. If you need another copy of this link please email lucy.lawson@nationalfirechiefs.org.uk 

Presentations can be found below: 

Tony Crook - Welcome & Introduction- HERE 

Elizabeth Box- PdTWER - HERE

Tony Smith- 2 Powered Wheelers - HERE 

Andy Gray- Fatal 5 - HERE

James Luckhurst & Simon Turner- Project Edward- HERE

Paul Speight - Use of VR - find this on the gotowebinar website link provided to attendees

Stuart Jackson - Tyre Safety Month- Please email Lucy Lawson for a copy of this presentation (2 additional videos on gotowebinar website)

Rhiannon Leeds- Road Safety Partnerships- HERE

Stuart Lovatt - Highways England & DfBB - Please email Lucy Lawson for a copy of this presentation (video on gotowebinar website)

Chris Bigland - Staywise - coming soon (video on gotowebinar website)

Josh Harris - National Road Safety Week - HERE 

NFCC Autumn Conference - 22nd October 2020

If you would like the MP4 files of any of the sessions below please email Lucy.Lawson@nationalfirechiefs.org.uk

Roy Wilsher- Introduction & Keynote 

Sir Tom Winsor- Ministerial Keynote 

Asif Sadiq- Diversity and Inclusion 

Powerpoint Presentations can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant link below: 

Dan Stephens, A Perspective from Wales- CLICK HERE

Suzanne McCarthy, Fire Standards - CLICK HERE

Christopher Pietroni, Leadership in a changing world- CLICK HERE

Chief Mike Duyck, An International Perspective- CLICK HERE