Lead Officers - Prevention

Below are the Leads for the workstreams that feed into the NFCC Prevention Committee.

Home Safety Committee oversees some of the prevention areas, as they are wide ranging, and Rick Hylton supported by Rob McDougal, represents these areas on NFCC Prevention Committee

Home Safety Committee Rick Hylton  
Arson and anti social behaviour Steve Johnson Arson Workplace 
Assistive technology  James Bywater  Assistive Technology Workplace 
Carbon monoxide Adrian Hutt  
Electrical safety  Charlie Pugsley  
Emollients Chris Bell  Emollients Workplace 
Hoarding  Sally Savage  
Home detection  James Bywater   
Smoking, vaping and tobacco Sarah Hardman  
Children and Young People Phil Garrigan  
             Safeguarding Donna Finch  
             Firesetters Wendy Coleman  
             Fire Cadets Sara Perez  
             Staywise/Education Chris Bigland  
             Princes Trust Mark Cashin  
             Early Interventions Chris Kirby  
Communications/Firepro Paul Compton  
Road safety Tony Crook  Road Safety Workplace
Strategic health  Ged Devereux  
Volunteers Phil Lancaster  
Water safety  Dawn Whittaker  Water Safety Workplace 

Many of these groups have workplace forums where FRS employees can join in the discussions around these topics or seek advice and keep up to date with the latest information. 

Committee groups (any group with the word committee in the title) are closed group for official committee members only. Joining is by invite only but they will send communications out to  NFCC - Prevention    

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