Lead Officers - Protection

 Below are the Leads for the workstreams that feed into the NFCC Protection Committee. The Protection Committee Chair is Mark Hardingham supported by two vice chairs. Nick Coombe with responsibility for the work related directly to the MHCLG Business Safety Programme and Hackitt review / Grenfell outcomes, and Guy Keen with responsibility for the remainder of the P&BS work associated with business as usual.

Automatic Fire Alarms/Unwanted Fire Signals Paul McCourt  
Automatic Water Suppression Systems / Sprinklers Gavin Tomlinson  
Better Regulation & Business Engagement Mark Andrews  
Business Continuity    
Enforcement register Andy Jack  
Estates Excellence Nick Coombe  
Event Safety Ian Whitby  
Fire Engineering and Technical Standards Bob Birtles/Gareth Steele  
Fire Investigation Chris Blacksell  
FM Global Tony Hunter  
Heritage Mark Abram  
Higher Risk Accomodation Mark Andrews  
Petroleum, Explosives and Fireworks Terry Guthrie  
Primary Authority Ian Bell  
Structural Timber Lyndsay Seal  
Work Related Death Protocol Richard Fowler  

Fire and Rescue Service colleagues can keep in touch with any Protection Committee announcements and take part in peer to peer discussion on the NFCC Protection Workplace group. Some protection workstreams have their own Workplace groups which you can request to join - acceptance is moderated.

NFCC Protection & Business Safety Committee - Business Plan 2019-2021

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