Children and Young People

Working with Children & Young People: Safeguarding Children guidance

The UK Fire and Rescue Service has a statutory duty to promote fire safety, placing the prevention of fires at the heart of their activity. The engagement and education of children and young people is just one way in which we fulfil this duty and whilst it is understood that the extent of individual Fire and Rescue Authorities’ work with children and young people varies, their safeguarding responsibilities do not.

As such these documents have been developed, with the support of the NSPCC, to provide the United Kingdom’s Fire and Rescue Services with the necessary guidance required when they are working with children and young people to enable them to be safe and healthy whilst making a positive contribution to their community and enjoying life. The documents set out the legal duties placed on all UK Fire and Rescue Authorities when working with children and young people in any capacity.

Firesetters Intervention guidance 

This Firesetter Intervention guidance is one of a suite of documents designed to assist Fire and Rescue Authorities throughout England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Jersey, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man meet their statutory and legal responsibilities when safeguarding young people.

These documents have been designed to support UK Fire and Rescue Authorities to fulfil their statutory duty of promoting fire safety, particularly when engaging with children and young people (CYP) who have been involved in fire setting.

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