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NFCC responds to Daily Mail

The NFCC would like to comment in response to an article which appeared in today's (2.1.18) Daily Mail, regarding firefighters (not 'firemen' as reported) being sent to medical emergencies.

There are a number of inaccuracies within the article which, the NFCC feel, does not correctly reflect the way in which emergency services already work closely together. 

Today's firefighters have an impressive skill set and save lives on a daily basis. Be that through their prevention, protection or response work.  
Most, if not all, fire and rescue services work very closely with their respective ambulance trusts by assisting in many ways to help the most vulnerable people in our communities. This includes co-responding to medical emergencies, including cardiac arrests, particularly in rural and remote areas.  

Firefighters are trained and have the equipment to save life. They assist ambulance crews to enter locked properties quickly, as well as responding to many more incidents. 

Stewart Edgar, Chief Fire Officer at Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service and the NFCC's Lead for Prevention said:

"Whilst co-responding is absolutely the right thing to do it is just one example of the good ‘joined-up’ work from our emergency services and is exactly what our communities would expect."  

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