Research & Development

Research and Development

Research and Development (R&D) is an essential part of the improvement journey for Fire and Rescue Services in the UK.  We have a National Lead who connects the NFCC with our key strategic partners who work in the science and technology arena.  As well as providing this link, the National Lead can provide a signposting facility and seeks to connect the right people together.  If you are working on new areas of scientific discovery, generating new research or in the early stages of developing new technology or products, we are interested in having a conversation.  That is equally the case for anyone inside Fire and Rescue Services or the wider sector, academia or colleagues in the commercial sector.   

Our aim is to reduce duplication, improve efficiency and enable the broader sharing of knowledge by adopting this collegiate approach in an environment that is separated from procurement and is at its very heart altruistic in its intent.  We seek to incorporate all aspects of R&D; from academic research and product development to understanding or evaluating the impact an approach or new piece of equipment has on communities, firefighters and their Services.  We are passionate about the things we do that make life safer for our communities and the Fire Fighters who serve them.

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Research Portal

NFCC is developing a new on-line facility which will enable people to post their research activity to help encourage collaboration and deduce the possibility of duplication.  The site is currently under construction and we will keep this site updated on progress.  It will be open source and cover both UK and international based research.

Integrated data programme:

Working with partners

As well as building on established relationships we are always open to creating new partnerships that will help us provide ever better services and deliver benefits to the public.  We work closely with the Home Office as the lead Government Department for Fire and Rescue Services.  We also work with industry associations, other blue light services and like-minded bodies across the UK and overseas.