• Project Executive – Ron Dobson, External (former Commissioner LFB)
  • Reports into the Apprenticeship Project Board
How to get involved:
  1. Workplace - NFCC Apprenticeships
  2. Here is a list of open, closed and planned consultations which are conducted on the consultation page:Apprenticeships Strategy - closed Spring 2019
  3. Apprenticeships Forum meets quarterly with dates posted on Workplace

If you are interested in getting involved with any other workstreams, contact the team.

Project Workstreams


  • Workstream description – Guidance covering the implementation of apprenticeships has been drafted and made available on Workplace. As new rules become embedded and other workstreams complete, this will be expanded and reviewed and will likely remain a live document/web content to ensure it doesn’t become outdated.
  • Progress – The existing draft is available on Workplace, further draft guidance on procurement to be added shortly.
  • Delivery date – Duration of the project


  • Workstream description – Advice and a national approach to procurement of training and assessment provision.
  • Progress – There are two existing frameworks available for FRSs to use. Tracey Stradling, Fire Commercial Transformation Board, has been investigating these frameworks to assess their suitability and establish if further arrangements can be made to improve the offer to FRSs. Discussions are currently in progress and will eventually result in some guidance material.
  • Delivery date – December 2019

Apprenticeship trailblazers

  • Workstream description – Development of apprenticeship standards for fire sector specific roles or specialisms.
  • Progress – Four standards are already in place; Firefighter, Emergency Call Handler and Community Safety Advisor and Business Fire Safety Advisor. Two are currently in development; Fire Engineer and Fire Safety Inspector. Scoping of the development apprenticeship ‘modules’ for other operational roles or specialisms will begin shortly and these may cover skills such as incident command and water rescue, animal rescue etc.
  • Delivery date – Fire Engineer and Fire Safety Inspector Summer 2019. Dates for further apprenticeship standards are yet to be determined.

End Point Assessment Organisation Feasibility Study

  • Workstream description – Research the viability of CFOA Services Limited establishing an EPA function to provide service to UK FRS. This workstream would result in a business case exploring the costs, benefits and barriers to be submitted to NFCC.
  • Progress – The work was initiated with a small workshop in April and drafting of the business case has begun. The matter will be explored with FRSs at the next Apprenticeship Forum in June.
  • Delivery date – April 2020

On-Call Apprenticeships

  • Workstream description – Research the feasibility and barriers to using apprenticeships for on-call firefighter recruits. Lobbying the government where necessary to provide dispensation of certain constraints to enable more favourable application.
  • Progress – Devon & Somerset have pioneered the use of apprenticeships for on-call firefighter recruits. The project is currently analysing this model to understand the implications for wider use across the UK FRS and what greater flexibility might be desirable.

Delivery date – TBC