Blended Learning

  • Project Executive (NFCC Lead) – Ann Millington, CEO Kent FRS
  • Reports into the Blended Learning Project Board
How to get involved:
  1. Workplace - NFCC Learning and Development, NFCC Virtual Reality Working Group, NFCC Training Managers Forum
  2. Here is a list of open, closed and planned consultations which are conducted on the consultation page
  3. Consultations TBC
  4. Training Managers Forum meets quarterly and Virtual Reality Working Group is newly formed with dates posted on Workplace in their respective sites
  5. If you are interested in getting involved with any other workstreams, contact the team.

Project Workstreams


  • Workstream description – A web platform that enables the sharing and collaboration on learning materials, initially focussing on e-learning but expanding to encompass learning materials in any format. The site is aimed at Learning and Development Managers to implement the materials within their FRS rather than being available directly to staff.
  • Progress – FRSLearn has been live since 2017 but has continued to be developed and the repository of materials broadened. The core functionality is now in place and the site will be formally launched at the Training Managers Conference in July. The project is now considering maintenance arrangements for the site.
  • Delivery date – Summer 2019 with maintenance arrangements TBC

FRSLearn Assurance

  • Workstream description – Development of an agile process that assures learning materials meet the needs of FRS and bring consistency. The process is likely to involve compliance with NOG, the consolidation of local procedures through the Operations Committee and promotion of best practice use of media/software. The process will not aim to determine a single method of training but establish what is good practice and promote innovation while reducing duplication of effort.
  • Progress – The workstream was commissioned in April 2019 with the initial steps being to establish a self-assessment against NOG training specifications.
  • Delivery date – TBC

Virtual Reality

  • Workstream description – Work with the technology sector to find innovative solutions to training within FRS. Much of this is focussed on operational training, since this is often the most costly and challenging area of training provision within FRSs. Working with the Fire Commercial Transformation Board, the project will specify the requirements and challenges to industry in a way that promotes innovation. This will enable FRSs to procure different solutions that best match their requirements.
  • Progress – The project has carried out some early market engagement and established a Virtual Reality Working Group who will help shape the scope of the specification.
  • Delivery date – TBC

Learning Management Systems

  • Workstream description – Realise efficiency gains through procurement collaboration of learning management systems. By working with FRS to understand their needs, the project aims to work with the Fire Commercial Transformation Board to develop a procurement solution that either helps to identify potential providers and their suitability or identifies and a single provider and favourable arrangements for FRSs. This would promote significant collaboration and support greater social mobility of FRS staff across the UK.
  • Progress – Engagement with FRS has begun with more to follow shortly.
  • Delivery date – TBC