Community Risk Programme Products

The Community Risk Programme (CRP) is developing products to bring improvement to community risk management planning (CRMP) across the UK FRS. CRP products will be released as and when completed to allow UK Fire and Rescue Services to implement and adopt the tools as soon as they are available.

All products will eventually comprise a digital toolkit.

The table below provides links to all CRP products produced to date.

Product Date of completion
National review of community risk methodology across the UK FRS 2019
High level national definiton of risk 2020
Glossary of risk-related terms 2020
CRMP strategic framework 2020
CRMP Fire Standard* 2021

*CRP products will support fire and rescue services in achieving the CRMP Fire Standard. Fire Standards are currently only a requirement for English fire and rescue services, however devolved administrations actively contributed to the development of the CRMP Fire Standard.