NFCC Campaigns

NFCC Campaigns

NFCC coordinates and supports a number of national safety week initiatives. Fire and rescue services across the country, and supporting partners deliver these campaigns which aim to raise public awareness and reduce preventable deaths. 

Targeted monthly campaign themes are issued jointly, every month by the Fire Safety Unit at the Home Office and NFCC. These are supported by UK fire and rescue services.

Fire Safety Campaign Calendar 2018    Fire Safety Campaign Calendar 2019

NFCC Campaigns in 2018

NFCC/Home Office Monthly Campaign Toolkits 2018

January: Smoke alarm testing February: Cooking March: Smoke alarm purchasing April: Smoking
May: Escape routes June: Outdoor fire safety July: Cooking August: smoke alarm purchasing
September: Home Safety October: Smoke alarm testing November: Electrical safety December: Christmas

National Roads Partnership

NFCC works closely with other organisations to improve road safety, reduce collisions, deaths and injuries on the road network.

In order to gain maximum support for the efforts of the fire and rescue service the National Roads Partnership Calendar has been produced.

This also ensures fire and rescue services are able to support the work of other organisations. The NFCC have produced the calendar alongside the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) and the National Roads Policing Intelligence Forum (NRPIF).

National Roads Partnership Calendar 2018

Campaigns Supported by NFCC in 2018