Central Programme Office

About CPO

The CPO provides programme, project and benefits management services to the fire and rescue sector.  It forms one of the three hubs supporting the delivery of NFCC's strategy. 

The work of the CPO will focus initially on key areas of NFCC’s strategy

CRP:  This programme will produce  a clear definition of risk that would allow communities to hold the performance of their fire and rescue service to account. It will also produce an online toolkit to help services develop community risk managment plans more consistently.

People Programme: This will cover areas such as leadership, apprenticeships and on-call recruitment.

Digital & Data: This will look at readying the service for a digital future, optimising the opportunities from developments such as smart buildings, driverless vehicles and robotics.

Organistational chart 


CPO will provide a home for the continued maintenance of NOG. It will be a business as usual activity and include the continued development of national operational learning. Regular reviews of guidance  will take place, to consider whether it needs to be updated. 

The CPO will also support a new Fire Standards Board for fire services in England. The Board will comprise an independent Chair and vice chair, the Chair of the NFCC, representation from the LGA, the Home Office and the College of Policing. The UK-wide defined good practice, as developed by the NFCC through the CPO, will form the basis for the standards offered to the Fire Standards Board for approval.


NFCC Council will provide strategic direction to CPO, ensuring that the development and delivery of products from CPO are in line with the NFCC strategy.

Stakeholder engagement

CPO work will rely on continued engagement and consultation, as appropriate, from across the sector. For each project within the proposed programmes, the stakeholders that need to be involved will be identified from both inside and outside of the sector.

In addition, a sector wide Engagement Forum (EF) has been created. This will be chaired the NFCC and will not have a decision-making role. Its purpose is to support the CPO by providing a wide-range of views about the programmes. Representative bodies, fire sector organisations and appropriate private sector organisations will all be invited to become members of the EF.