Committee updates

Previous updates from NFCC committees can be found below. Fire and rescue service staff can keep in touch with the latest information from NFCC by accessing the NFCC Workplace Forums:

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Finance Committee updates 

March 2020

Autumn 2017

Winter 2017 Fair Funding consultation
2018 Spring Statement  Minutes 15.3.18

180403 Briefing for tax treatment - Use of Emergency Vehicles 3.4.18

180807 NFCC Finance briefing    
Health work updates 
Autumn 2017    


Operations Committee updates 

March 2020 - Strategic Road responders Agreement

Autumn 2017 (1)

Autumn 2017 (2) Autumn 2017 (3) Winter 2017 National resilience winter 2017
Prevention Committee updates 
CYP Autumn 2017 Home Office Information Request April 2018 Firesetter intervention update FSIS questionnaire
Safe and well Minister's letter        


Protection & Business Safety Coordination Committee updates 
Autumn 2017 April 2018      
 Sector Resources & Improvement Committee updates 
R&D Changes to HO 2017-18 Operational statistics collection briefing note    


Winter 2017 update from previous Sector Resources Committee        


Workforce Committee updates 
Autumn 2017 180813 NFCC Workforce briefing