Domestic Detection

Domestic Detection

NFCC's Domestic Detection working group feeds into NFCC Prevention Committee via Home Safety Committee. NFCC Lead for Domestic Detection is James 'Jim' Bywater of Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service. Jim has been NFCC Lead since 2017.

Jim joined Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service in 2000. He is currently an operational Group Manager and Head of Central Prevent & Protect for the service.

Previous to this role, Jim has worked in the Business Transformation Team and has been involved in many peer reviews working with other fire and rescue services across the UK. 

 Jim also oversees the work of the NFCC Assistive Technology working group which is coordinated by Marvin Ikua of London Fire Brigade.

The aims of the Domestic Detection workstream is to :
  • To encourage and share a better understanding of domestic detection so home have the appropriate smoke and carbon monoxide detection for their needs.
  • To support fire services in giving consistant public safety messages.
  • To give direction for future changes and innovation for domestic detection systems and share this knowledge with fire and rescue services.
The current work includes:
  • Working with manufacturers and the fire sector to understand and influence future development and research into domestic home detection.
  • To improve standards and legislation in relation to dwellings.
  • To disseminate best practice in home detection both across the fire sector and to the public.
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