Core Learning Pathway

The National Fire Chiefs Council is now seeking views on the new NFCC Leadership Core Learning Pathway.  This new consultation follows the development of the recently published NFCC Leadership Framework for the fire sector.

The consultation will be live until the 5th April 2019. The results and analysis will enable NFCC to provide this as a tool - alongside the framework – to ensure that all fire and rescue services are developing their workforce to the highest professional standards possible.

The FRS Core Learning Pathway – which has been developed by NFCC’s People Programme - will complement the framework.

The Core Learning Pathway has been designed to provide this level of flexibility to allow fire services to achieve the required professional standards of leadership development, which suits individual circumstances and requirements.

It also aims to provide support to individual FRSs when developing their leaders to the highest professional standard, as well as providing consistent information, advice and guidance across the sector.

In addition, it is designed to highlight the most appropriate and up-to-date qualifications which will support the behaviours described in NFCC’s Leadership Framework.

Through the development of the Fire Standards Board, many FRSs indicated that a range of leadership qualifications were already in use. The pathway has highlighted some of these that would be equivalent to achieving the standards afforded by the core qualification apprenticeship standards, and ultimately the new Leadership Framework, such as the Institute for Leadership and Management/Chartered Management Institute.

Following the consultation and when the pathway is formalised, more details will be added which will provide clear information. It will also provide advice and guidance regarding qualifications across all aspects of the fire and rescue service workforce.

This will include examples and case studies so that employees in a range of roles across the FRS, which will help to determine learning and career pathway options.

Future considerations include adding pre-entry routes into the pathway. This will be in conjunction with the NFCC Apprenticeships Project Board where A level equivalent routes such as cadets and development of T levels (‘technical’ levels) for 16 to 19-year olds are being considered. 

Core Learning Pathways (PDF)