Grenfell Tower Inquiry

The formal opening of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry took place on Thursday September 14th where Sir Martin Moore-Bick provided an opening statement.

It was live-streamed which is available on the Inquiry website:

  • Sir Martin Moore-Bick, the chair of the inquiry, retired at the age of 70 from the court of appeal in December last year. His legal expertise is focused on contract law, an area that may may prove relevant when examining construction procedures and liabilities.
  •  Richard Millett QC, who is also an expert in commercial law and business disputes, is the main counsel to the inquiry. He also sits as a deputy high court judge.
  •  Bernard Richmond QC, a criminal defence specialist, is also counsel to the inquiry. He trains barristers on how to handle vulnerable witnesses and sits as an assistant coroner.
  •  Kate Grange QC, who is also counsel to the inquiry, is an expert in commercial, construction, public and inquiry law. 
  •  Caroline Featherstone is solicitor to the inquiry. She qualified as a registered nurse, was employed in the NHS and then switched to a legal career. She has worked for the Government Legal Department.
  •  Mark Fisher is secretary to the inquiry. He formerly worked in the cabinet office and the department of work and pensions.
  • information is available on the Grenfell Tower inquiry website

Phone: 020 7947 7837 or 0800 121 4282 (9am – 5:30pm, Monday to Friday)
Twitter: @grenfellinquiry