Home Safety Week 2019

Home Safety Week Logo 2019


Home Safety Week will run from 30th September to 6th October.  The focus is around smoke detection in the home. NFCC are asking people to make sure they install detection systems which are appropriate for their family's needs.

Most homes have at least one smoke alarm, but as homes have a greater number and wider range of gadgets and appliances which we have become evermore reliant on, just having one or even two smoke alarms may not be enough for your home.

At least one smoke alarm on each level should be the very bare minimum. We will encourage people to think about those areas in the home that are used the most as these in turn are likely to be the higher risk areas. 

The week will promote the messages which form the NFCC Domestic Detection position statement which was revised and issued in 2019. 

Key Messages

- Promote the installation of smoke alarms - not just on every level but also in the rooms used most
- Ensure the right alarms are installed in the right places
- Troubleshooting for smoke alarms in the home
- Replace alarms after 10 years
- Sealed units help prevent removal and tampering of batteries
- Be alert to alarms - don't ignore them (even if they're not your own alarm!)



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