• Project Executive (NFCC Lead) – Ann Millington, Kent Fire and Rescue Service
  • Reports into the Programme Board
How to get involved:
  1. Workplace - NFCC HR and OD, NFCC Leadership, NFCC Heads of HR
  2. Here is a list of open, planned and closed consultations which are conducted on the consultation page:
    1. NFCC Leadership Framework - closed Summer 2018
    2. Core Learning Pathways - closed Spring 2019
    3. Recruitment toolkit consultation dates to be confirmed
    4. 360-degree feedback online tool consultation dates to be confirmed
    5. Talent management toolkit consultation dates to be confirmed
  3. The HR Forum meets twice a year and is aimed at the Heads of HR for each FRS. Dates are made available on Workplace NFCC Heads of HR.
  4. The temporary site for the recruitment toolkit can be accessed here [http://www.cheshirepolice.net/fire] and any contributions can be emailed to recruitmenttoolkit@cheshirefire.gov.uk.
  5. If you are interested in getting involved with any other workstreams, contact the team.
 Project Workstreams

NFCC Leadership Framework

  • Completed January 2019 and is available here

Core Learning Pathway

  • Workstream description - The Core Learning Pathways is being led by Lynne Swift and Steve Buchanan-Lee. It maps leadership and management at 3 levels through an organisation showing the apprenticeship standards and equivalent qualifications, skills at each level. This brings consistency and ensures that all fire and rescue services are developing their workforce to the highest professional standards possible.
  • Progress – The pathway has been out for consultation which closed on the 5th April the team is currently reviewing responses.
  • Delivery date – October 2019

Recruitment toolkit

  • Workstream description – An online repository of good practice, templates, case studies and guidance to support services in recruitment and promotion processes that will be draw on the leadership behaviours where relevant.
  • Progress – Andrea Harvey, Cheshire FRS is leading on this piece and has drawn together some good material but requires contributions from other FRSs. The temporary site can be accessed here [http://www.cheshirepolice.net/fire] and any contributions can be emailed to recruitmenttoolkit@cheshirefire.gov.uk.
  • Delivery date – March 2020

360-degree feedback online tool

  • Workstream description – An online tool based on the leadership behaviours available for all FRSs to use to carry out 360-degree feedback with their staff.
  • Progress – An initial trial has been conducted of a prototype process within the CPO on 11 members of staff. The process should conclude in May and the learning from the trial will in form a further trial on volunteer FRSs. If you are interested in getting involved with the next trial contact the team.

Delivery date – TBC

Talent management toolkit

  • Workstream description – A toolkit of models, templates, principles and arrangements to support services in designing a talent management strategy that fits their organisation, recognising that one size doesn’t fit all. An initial group met at the end of April to scope the outputs of this workstream. Further details of what the outputs will be shared shortly.

Delivery date – TBC