Further fire Standards workshop is set to take place

NFCC's Central Programme Office (CPO) has been running regional Fire Standards Board Workshops throughout June and July this year.

The aim of the workshops has been to engage with senior managers from fire and rescues and provide an update of the progress of the Fire Standards Board so far, share the proposed the development process of standards and some aspects of the proposed standards to gain feedback and to gain an understanding of how we can support services through implementation of standards in the future.

The workshops have been a great success with some really helpful feedback gained already, however we are aware some services have not been able to attend the planned dates.

Therefore the CPO will be hosting a further workshop in London on Friday 13 September 2019 at Salvation Army HQ, 101 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4V 4EH

Registration takes place from 10.00am and the event start at 10.30am. The workshop will close - with lunch - at approximately 1pm.

The workshop is open to strategic managers and heads of departments from fire and rescue services. Feedback and contributions will also be sought from other stakeholders with views on standards. However, at this early stage, these workshops are specifically for managers within fire and rescue services. 

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. To book a place(s) please email the following information to to confirm a place(s).

  • Name
  • Job Role / title
  • Name of Service
  • Email address
  • Mobile number (for any emergency contact on the day)
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