Minister for Policing and Fire sets out Reform vision

Policing and Fire Minister Rt Hon Brandon Lewis outlined the next steps for fire reform. 

Find the full Fire Reform transcript on the Home Office website. 

Last year, the Prime Minister – when she was Home Secretary – addressed Reform outlining her vision for the fire and rescue service. She set out a programme of reform that was as radical and ambitious as the one she had laid out for policing in 2010 and she explained her aspiration for a more accountable, more efficient and professional fire and rescue service.

Please see part of the speech below:

It is a fitting time to address you today less than a week after the Policing and Crime Act 2017 received Royal Assent, which in itself enables the transformation of local fire governance and seeks to drive greater collaboration.

In July I was very pleased to be appointed as the new Minister for Policing and the Fire Service. I continue to be hugely impressed by the work our firefighters do and the challenge they face every time they go on duty. The bravery they show whether responding to a fire, a flood or the collapse of a building. Our fire and rescue services do stellar, impressive work.

I’ve seen how the service is changing. Services are transforming and seizing opportunities for collaboration.

We’ve also seen a significant reduction in the number of fires and fire fatalities over the past decade especially. There’s been over a 50% reduction in the number of fires and more than a 20% drop in the number of fire fatalities.

And in April we will see the creation of the National Fire Chiefs’ Council, which in itself will be a positive step forward, transforming the operational voice of the service

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