5 Live Investigates reports on the dangers skin creams containing paraffin

5 Live Investigates ran a report about the dangers of skin creams and paraffin. According to the report, Skin creams containing paraffin could be responsible for 'hundreds' of fire deaths across the UK.

5 live Investigates revealed last year that 37 deaths had been linked to the creams since 2010 and the programme has learned there have been a further eight deaths and this figure could be much higher.

Listen to the report in full on BBC Iplayer. It starts at 4.45 seconds into the programme.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service have done tests on six pieces of identical material, some of which are contaminated with emollient creams of varying levels of percentage of paraffin base. The Home Office said itwas working with NFCC on the issue. there is also a short video showing the results of the tests.

Following 5 live's investigation, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency urged all manufactures to place warnings on their products, advising consumers to wash clothes and bedding properly to reduce the build-up of paraffin. Of the 38 products containing paraffin and licensed for sale in the UK, just seven of them carry warnings.

Brian Bicat, 82, died six months after the MHRA issued its guidance after accidentally setting himself on fire. His family say they weren't aware of the dangers of using skin creams and consumers need to be given advice to prevent more deaths in the future.

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