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Fire and rescue services will be busy this week supporting NFCC’s Home Safety Week which runs from 2nd- 8th October. Look out for #SafeHome17 on social media.

The aim of the week is raise awareness of the risk of accidental fires which are caused by home appliances.

Stewart Edgar NFCC Prevention lead:

"Home Safety Week is an opportunity for fire and rescue services to help people prevent their everyday appliances becoming a fire risk. Unfortunately in the UK more than 15,000 fires were linked to white goods and their use in the home in 2015/16. It's important that people are well prepared in case of an incident and help older or vulnerable friends keep their homes safe. "

In some cases, simple behaviour changes can reduce the risk of an accidental fire.

Be prepared

Make sure you have working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. You need at least one smoke alarm on each level of your home. Please check they work once a week.  Alarms provide an early warning which means you are more likely to get out of your home in time.

Plan an escape route out of your home in the event of an incident and make sure the route is clear of any obstacles.

In the UK statistically the risk of dying in a fire if you are aged over 65 is twice as high as the average risk for all other age groups. Older friends and relatives may need help with these tasks. So offer to test their alarms or register appliances. If you know of anyone who may need additional advice on home safety contact your local fire and rescue service for advice.

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