NFCC supports National Burn Awareness Day

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Latest statistics show an alarming number of UK children are experiencing life-changing burn injuries every single day. The British Burn Association and the Children’s Burns Trust are working to raise awareness of this issue on National Burn Awareness Day which this year falls on 18th October.

In 2016 more than 600 children a month required admission to an NHS Burns Service following a burn or scald injury. Shockingly, this figure only relates to the more serious injuries and does not include the thousands who were seen for more minor burns in A&E departments up and down the country.

These figures have been collated from the International Burn Injury Database which also highlights that of these 600 children, 50% were under 5-years-old.

Most burn injuries in children are due to hot drinks, but household items such as hair straighteners can also cause severe burn injuries. Seasonal activities such as fireworks and bonfire have seen injuries increase.

77% of burn injuries in children occur in the home and this rises to 81% in the elderly. It is crucial that people understand the correct first aid to administer if a burn or scald occurs.

Stewart Edgar Prevention Lead at the NFCC commented:

“National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) fully supports National Burn Awareness Day and is keen to ensure we do all we can to reduce the number of incidents which cause, in some cases, a life -long impact on victims and their families.

We ask people to be aware of the everyday risks in the home and make sure they know what to do if an accident should happen.

A burn may not always look very serious so it is important that people administer the correct first aid and seek medical advice. Remember: COOL the burn with running tap water, CALL for help, and COVER with cling film; and if your clothes are on fire, STOP, DROP and ROLL.”


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