Latest update regarding fire doors issued by government

The Ministry of Housing, Communities, and Local Government has been undertaking an investigation into flat entrance 30 minute fire doors supplied by Manse Masterdor, a company that ceased trading in 2014

During the Grenfell Tower inquiry, a fire door was taken by the Metropolitan Police and tested to determine its fire resistance.  As has previously been reported, an issue was identified with a fire door installed at Grenfell Tower [previous statements from the Government are available]. This  door - manufactured by Manse Masterdor - was marketed as meeting the 30-minute resistence standard, but failed the test after approximately 15 minutes.  

The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities, and Local Government made a written statement to Parliament informing them the Independent Expert Panel on Building Safety has sufficient evidence to conclude that flat entrance doors supplied by Manse Masterdor do not consistently meet the 30 minute fire resistance standard they were marketed as providing.

The Expert Panel - supported by the National Fire Chiefs Council - has clarified that while the risk to public safety remains low, those buildings affected by this issue need to review their fire risk assessment to take into account this new information. This assessment should also consider how quickly these doors should be replaced.

NFCC has asked that the responsible person provide details of these buildings where the Manse Masterdor doors have been installed. The template below is to be completed by those building owners who  have been contacted by MHCLG that they have purchased Manse Masterdor and these doors have been identified as failing to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations

The template below is to be completed by those who have been contacted by the MHCLG who purchased Manse Masterdor.  Please note, the template opens as an Excel document at the bottom of your screen.

It should then be returned to:

Template/form  MCHLG letter

 Fire doors form an important part of your fire safety measures so it is essential that you review your fire risk assessments on the buildings identified with the Manse Masterdor doors. 

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