Emergency services urging the public to only call 999 for emergencies

The emergency services are urging the public to act responsibly and only call 999 where there is a genuine risk to life or personal safety.

Darryl Keen, the National Fire Chiefs Council Strategic Lead for Operational Communications who chairs the committee that oversees the UK’s 999 system commented:

“The UK’s 999 system is world class but it is designed to ensure that calls where there is a significant risk to life or safety, can reach the right emergency service as quickly as possible.

"The very challenging circumstances that have developed over recent months are undoubtedly concerning but, for most of us they are unlikely to be life-threatening.

"I must therefore ask that the public seek advice online or via non-emergency systems rather than overload the 999 system which may prevent someone who is genuinely at risk from getting the urgent help they need.”

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