New trading company guidance has been published

A new document which gives guidance on setting up and running fire service trading companies has now been published. 

The Grant Thornton report was jointly commissioned by NFCC and the Fire Industry Association (FIA), with leads from fire trading companies across the country contributing to its development.

 The report aims to provide good practice guidance based on research into fire trading companies (FTCs), to understand how they operate and explore the reasons for their success or otherwise. It also provides guidance for FTCs currently operating and for fire and rescue authorities  considering setting one up.

The guidance: 

  • Covers the full life cycle of an FTC, from the initial drivers for change and thought processes around set-up, through to the options appraisal, business case development and running a successful trading company
  • Takes into account the results of our research into FTCs currently operating in England and Wales (we have excluded Scotland and Northern Ireland as no FTCs were identified)
  • Sets out a summary of the legal powers and framework for FRAs and FTCs
  • Sets out good practice and the key considerations when operating an FTC, including the use of uniformed officers
  • Provides a high-level narrative on the factors to take into account relating to staff such as pay and pensions
  • Provides high-level guidance on governance structures – both within the FTC and the associated FRA.

 The research was carried out through a range of stakeholder meetings, knowledge of the fire sector and wider public sector in relation to alternative delivery models.

This report does not seek to revise or replace the state aid guidance issued in 2015, ‘Guidance on the use of Fire and Rescue Authorities’ names and logos’. 

FTC guidance

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