• Project Executive (NFCC Lead) – Terry McDermott, CFO Derbyshire FRS (to be succeeded by Glenn Askew, DCFO Devon and Somerset FRS in Autumn 2019)
  • Reports into the On-Call Steering Group

How to get involved:

  1. Workplace - NFCC On-Call Practitioners Group
  2. Here is a list of open, closed and planned consultations which are conducted on the consultation page:
  3. On-Call Firefighter Employee and Employer Guides - closed Spring 2019On-Call Workforce Management Survey - closed Spring 2019 (although late submissions are accepted to nfccpeople@ukfrs.com)
  4. Practitioners Working Group meets quarterly with dates posted on Workplace
  • If you are interested in getting involved with any other workstreams, contact the team.
 Project Workstreams

Branding and Recruitment Toolkit

  • Workstream description – Development of national branding materials and website and a recruitment toolkit that can be used by all FRS to attract a more diverse talent pool and change public perception of the role.
  • Progress – Workstream largely complete and in the process of moving into maintenance arrangements. Branding and recruitment materials can be accessed on Workplace. The website (oncallfire.uk) is fully functioning with back office support and referrals being directed to relevant points of contact within FRS. The maintenance of these materials will involve continued development of media to ensure recruitment campaigns remain refreshed and an annual national media campaign.
  • Delivery date – Summer 2019

On-Call Workforce Management

  • Workstream description – Data collection of how FRSs recruit, manage and train their on-call staff. An analysis of this data will be published and will inform future workstreams.
  • Progress – The survey consultation was open in February and March 2019. Some FRSs did not respond within the time frame and so late submissions are still accepted sent to nfccpeople@ukfrs.com.
  • Delivery date – December 2019

Primary employer engagement

  • Workstream description – Development of guidance aimed at employers of prospective on-call recruits who are being asked to release their staff. Publicity and engagement with large employers at a national level to promote the benefits of having on-call firefighters within their workforce.
  • Progress – The guidance has been drafted and consulted upon in February/March 2019. The draft is being finalised with the practitioner’s group ready for publication on the national website. The project continues to work with the Home Office to engage with the Department for Business, Energy and Industry Strategy with a view to promotion through their events.
  • Delivery date – September 2019