Plastic Free Day 8th May

Plastic Free Day

Plastic Free Day 8th May

NFCC is keen to raise awareness of blight of plastic polution and encourage everyone to try and avoid, where possible, using single use plastics.

The reduction in the amount of plastics in waste is something we can all actively support and from a fire and rescue service perspective the increase in the past decade of waste fires are a particular hazard for both the fire services and our communities. 

This campaign is in the first year and the date is David Attenborough's birthday

How can you support this campaign?
  • Aim to reduce your use of single use plastics - the plastic free day website has some great tips
  • Encourage your organisation to reduced single use plastics - this might be asking your workplace canteen to use metal cutlery and not use plastic drinking cups or spoons
  • Pick up plastic litter - maybe organise a 10 minute plastic pick on 8th May

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