Position statements

Below is a list of current NFCC Position Statements from NFCC Coordination Committees and agreed by NFCC Council. This will be updated on a regular basis as new positions are agreed and changes made to current ones.

NFCC Finance Coordination Committee position statements



NFCC Operations Coordination Committee position statements


Animal rescue  EMR withdrawal Flooding response National Resilience capability Operational doctrine
PDA response        

NFCC Prevention Coordination Committee position statements


Ageing Safely Candle Safety   Carbon monoxide Domestic fire detection  Smoking,Vaping and Tobacco
Young people Reducing risk: vulnerable people   Safe & Well Smoke alarms


Protection & Business Safety Coordination Committee position statements


Chinese lanterns Sprinklers Wildfire   Stay Put  


NFCC Workforce Coordination Committee position statements


  Equality and diversity Firefighter health and safety