Professional Doctorate in Emergency Services Management

Edge Hill University Business School: The Professional Doctorate in Emergency Services Management

DESM (Amb), (Pol), or (FRS)


  • Course Length: 4.5 Years Part-Time
  • Start Dates: October 2020
  • Department:  Business School
  • Faculty:  Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Location:  Edge Hill University

About the DESM

Professionalisation of the emergency services workforce and the development of strategic leadership within the blue lights, namely the ambulance, police and the fire & rescue services, are on the top of government and reform agenda.

The current state of emergency management research is further characterised by a clear ‘theory-practice divide’ resulting in a ‘silo’ approach to the development of academic and professional expertise. Focus on interoperability and multi-agency cooperation is one of the distinctive features in this new award in the light of the introduction of statutory duty for collaboration between the emergency services in the Police and Crime Bill, 2017.

Designed for experienced senior managers from the blue light services, the Professional Doctorate in Emergency Services Management is structured to develop leadership and management expertise based on sound theory and practice. This novel award provides a unique opportunity to candidates for engaging in cross‐disciplinary dialogue with academics, policy makers and fellow practitioners interested in wider aspects of emergency management.

The award will enhance personal development by providing research training and a range of skills with transferability to fields of application where knowledge creation in relation to professional tasks is deemed necessary and is highly valued. The award's ethos is very much focused on ‘critical reflection’- a nexus of 'practitioner' and 'theoretician', the need to be reflective of one's role as a senior manager as a reviewer of organizational practices and policies, as a reviewer of theoretically underpinned rationales for management and organizational activity, and also as a reviewer of their own academic productive outputs. This unique approach is woven throughout the course of award.

You can apply online for the course.