Community Risk Programme Projects

Following the recommendations of the independent review of community risk methodology across the UK fire and rescue service carried out by the Nottingham Trent University, the CRP Programme Board approved eight projects. You can read more about each of the live projects by clicking on the project titles in the table below.




Definition of Risk 

Project Executive - Ian Hayton

AUG 2019

This project will develop from a UK FRS perspective, an explicit national definition of risk and a consistent conceptualisation of risk.  The project will also develop from a UK FRS perspective, a definition around a ‘high risk building’.  

CRMP  Guidance

Project Executive - Nikki Richards

AUG 2019

The Community Risk Management Planning Guidance project will commission a review of the current risk management guidance and produce and support the maintenance of an up-to-date guidance document library.  

Economic and Social Value of the UK FRS

Project Executive - Dan Quinn

AUG 2019

The project will produce a report on the value of the fire and rescue service. This analysis will provide key data to the government around the economic and social benefits of the UK FRS.  

Data Projects SEPT 2019 

NFCC should develop a national database of existing FRS data (e.g. incident data).  Commission research into the integration of different sources of data to enhance existing FRS datasets.  Establish a quality assurance process to quality assure existing FRS data and external data sources.  

Evaluation  (methodologies)   SUMMER 2020

The Evaluation project will commission further research to establish an evidence base of evaluation methodologies to ensure that the UK FRS has a consistent, robust, valid and reliable sector intelligence model.  

Competencies for Risk Management Planners   JAN 2020

The project will make risk management a required competency and would allow for minimum standards to be set for the expertise of risk management planners.  

Evaluation for Fire Interventions JAN 2021

The project will review evaluation of fire interventions to establish whether they are fit for purpose, identify good practice and it would provide the evidence upon which a national benchmarking tool could be built.  

Risk Assessment Methodologies and Interventions   JAN 2021

The project will commission further research to establish an evidence base of valid risk management methodologies that provide consistent, transparent analysis across the UK FRS. This project has been absorbed by the Definition of Risk Project.