Research & Development

Research and Development

A single, collaborative function for Research and Development (R&D) has been set up to reduce duplication, improve efficiency and enable the broader sharing of knowledge.

It incorporates all aspects of R&D; from academic research, product development, testing and procurement, to evaluating the impact an approach or new piece of equipment has on FRSs, firefighters and their communities. The overarching aim is to capture emerging knowledge, technical advances and innovation within the fire sector, which will ultimately improve firefighter and community safety. All intellectual property generated will be held by CFOA/NFCC. Any profit generated will be used to fund further activity for the benefit of the UK FRS.

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Please see the results from the R&D survey which gives an insight into the past, current and future R&D work within services. It also gives an indication of future procurement. 

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Benefits of a unified approach

  • Establish a central hub of fire-related academic research
  • Provide a publicly available list of areas for research or development driven by market analysis
  • Lead nationally coordinated product testing
  • Reduced duplication of product testing
  • Increase the pace at which service improvements can be implemented
  • Reduce costs for FRSs and suppliers

Working with partners

As well as building on established relationships with the Fire Service College (FSC), Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) and the Fire Industry Association (FIA), partnerships will be developed with the Home Office's Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST), UK FRS Research and Development Departments, plus universities and other research establishments both in the UK and overseas in order to align priorities where appropriate.

Updates and Communications  

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