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* Please note the above are Yorkshire-related documents which other FRS may wish to refer to.


* Please note the above are Tyne and Wear-related documents which other FRS may wish to refer to.

How should we be responding to emergencies and what should we be telling the public?

NFCC’s position is to maintain emergency response, it should be business as usual. These should be managed through extant Business Continuity Plans you have in place. However similar to times of high demand (such as flooding), it may be appropriate (due to heightened staff absence) to remind the public to only call 999 in an emergency – where life is under threat – to reduce pressure on control rooms. 

What can we tell the public if they are concerned about the service they will receive locally?

It is important not to spread fear, therefore it is suggested external facing messages state at this stage there is no anticipated change to emergency response. However, it is also important to manage expectations and state that FRSs may be reducing some prevention activity and work with the wider community while the situation unfolds to prevent the spread of the virus. These messages are likely to change as time passes; especially if the phasing or interventions put in place change. The NFCC will update accordingly.

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Updated April 3rd 2020