The coordination committees lead the programme of work for the NFCC, delivering against priorities set out by the Council for the benefit of the UK FRS.

Using networks of subject matter experts, each committee aims support the UK FRS in reducing risk to life and property, minimise injury and harm, and improve health and wellbeing in ways that are sustainable and cost effective.


The Coordination Committees lead and direct work nationally on behalf of NFCC, in accordance with the objectives and actions identified in the NFCC’s Annual Plan. 

  • Support the development and delivery of NFCC’s Annual Plan
  • Develop professional expertise and guidance
  • Provide advice and speak on behalf of the fire sector in the specialist areas within the remit of the Committee
  • Share good practice, evaluation and learning to encourage the take up of new and innovative schemes which deliver positive outcomes for communities
  • Engage and influence key stakeholders
  • Collaborate to deliver beneficial outcomes where appropriate

 Committee Chairs

 The Committee Chairs report to the NFCC Chair and provide regular updates to NFCC meetings.  The Committee Chairs have the authority to direct the work of the committee but it is expected that major new policies, particularly those that affect more than one Coordination Committee, potentially contentious topics would be referred to the NFCC, via the NFCC Chair. For more information, please see the Operating Principles. 

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