Fire services continue to tackle flooding impacts in South Yorkshire

Fire services from across the country are continuing to assist local responders tackling the impacts of flooding in South Yorkshire as part of a nationally coordinated response.

This is organised via NFCC’s National Resilience arrangements, meaning appropriately trained people and specialist equipment can be deployed quickly and efficiently to where assistance is needed most.

Eight High Volume Pumps (HVPs) remain at the scene, which have the capacity to pump up to 7,000 litres of water a minute. These not only help to alleviate the pressure of the flood water, but are also being used to reduce water levels in the area’s drainage network.

The wide-range of people, skills and equipment FRSs can provide, means a joined-up and coordinated approach to large-scale incidents.

NFCC Chair

Four rescue boats from the national register are also in South Yorkshire. Crews from fire services and the voluntary sector have already helped to evacuate almost 300 people from flooded homes. Flood rescue and HVP’s tactical advisors were also mobilised and their support in the area continues. 

South Yorkshire; Avon; Warwickshire; Norfolk; West Yorkshire; Bedfordshire; North Wales; West Midlands; Lincolnshire; Greater Manchester; Derbyshire; North Yorkshire; Cheshire; Merseyside; Shropshire; Nottinghamshire; the RNLI; Bay Search and Rescue and Lowland Rescue have all assisted in the National Resilience response.

A deployment plan for additional assets is also in place in the event that the weather deteriorates, as there is a weather warning in place for Thursday November 14th. This includes contingency plans for additional High Volume Pumps and boats.

NFCC Chair, Roy Wilsher, said: “Our National Resilience deployment remains in place while communities in South Yorkshire continue to need assistance.

“The wide-range of people, skills and equipment fire and rescue services can provide, means we can provide a joined-up and coordinated approach to large-scale incidents, while working closely with others, such as the Environment Agency and DEFRA."

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